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Thomas Antonic

Flickering Cave Paintings of Noxious Nightbirds / Flackernde Felsbilder übler Nachtvögel

ISBN: 978-3-85415-561-4 / E
Buchpreis: € 18.90
216 pages, soft-cover, graphics, nov. 2017


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"Flickering Cave Paintings of Noxious Nightbirds," Thomas Antonic’s book debut in the English language, spans a world of prose and poetry consisting of cut-ups and other montage-generated fragments scattered along a “dead line” of states of being, drawn both from the present and the beyond. Along the way, we travel through shimmering linguistic worlds in which Jesus is the manager of a shopping mall or the neighbor's house disappears overnight, making way for Hungarian border soldiers. Thomas Antonic hews sentences precisely from the rock of common coherence: Emergent perceptions and ideas combine with furious pamphlets and transcend worldly wisdoms in a noisy scenario choreographing movements wavering in different zones of consciousness. Obsessively, the text draws loops around the “last things”, and almost no one can tell such a tale of experiences of disappearances and loss, death and dissolution in such a delicately interwoven, linguistically enthralling way as Antonic does in these brilliant short-cuts. Whirring visions form, replete with allusions and quotes, especially from the contexts of transatlantic literature, film and music, emerging from a cold state of limbo and ranging to the pandemonium of a civilization eroded by media madness and terrorism. A coup of poetic escalation.

Thomas Antonic

Thomas Antonic Autor, Musiker, Filmer, Multimedia-Performer, promovierter Literaturwissenschaftler, Herausgeber der Nachlasseditionen von Wolfgang Bauer und Joe Berger im Ritter Verlag. Lebt und arbeitet in Wien. Zahlreiche Publikationen und Auszeichnungen, zuletzt: Literaturförderungspreis der Stadt Graz 2016, Erzherzog-Johann-Wissenschaftspreis des Landes Steiermark 2019.

is an awarded poet and novelist, musician, filmmaker, performer, scholar, and member of the underground artist collective William S. Burroughs Hurts. Flickering Cave Paintings of Noxious Nightbirds is his book debut in the English language. He lives in Vienna, Austria.

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